If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. Read to learn¬†how we managed to bring together people who care.

Our story

We are a collective of like minded people who love to take care of our furry pals in our beautiful campus. We come together everyday to feed our friendly neighborhood cats and dogs in addition to tending to their injuries, ensuring their vaccinations and looking after their overall well-being.


PetPals bring to you the stories and pictures of the joy we feel every single day sharing life with our campus pets.PetPals volunteer request you to work together with us and help us in taking this noble initiative further. We continuously thrive to find loving homes where our friends would be loved.

Contact Us

  • IIM Calcutta
  • Diamond Harbour Rd, Joka, Kolkata, West Bengal 700104
  • +91-9925729876
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